We grew up in MO but moved to Lebanon as adults, each of us at different times for different reasons. We love the Lebanon community yet one thing we hoped for was more of a downtown life. We knew we couldn’t just hope for it, things don’t change without people putting in the work to make things happen. With a leap of faith we have been putting our time and effort into 121 W. Commercial St.

Lebanon isn’t our HOMETOWN yet we want it to feel like it is. We CHOOSE Lebanon which we think those who have lived here their whole life also CHOOSE to stay in their HOMETOWN. Meaning we all #ChooseLebanon and so we all #LoveLebanon.

As a part of this dream of ours to spread the love we have for Lebanon we created The Choose Lebanon Collection to bring our community together and encourage each other to invest back in this community wherever that leads them to do so. Hometown or chosen town, we all Love Lebanon!